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Essential Touch

After years of experience, learning and practice the concept for Essential Touch was born, combining the clarifying energy of flower essences with the universal healing energy emitted through my hands.

Through Essential Touch I dedicate my time to the art of healing people and animals with the help of nature’s precious gifts – my hands, natural lunar and zodiac rhythms, Black Hills Flower Essences, essential oils, light, color, water, plants, elements and elementals, dreams, visions and visualizations, channeled information and more.

After all, Mother Earth provides us with everything we require to heal and stay healthy and happy!

Essential Touch Sessions 

are a combination of 

1. Flower Essence Therapy, 

2. Healing Hands Treatments and 

3. Intuitive Tarot Card Readings.

Each of these things can be booked together or individually. See in the online shop.

A 2 – 3 hour to All-Day group event, where we start with a teaching of current information given to further our growth through this time of our time called Revelation. Then every participant gets their individual questions answered by pulling one or more Tarot cards, which I will intuitively interpret. Spirit works in mysterious ways and never wastes anyone’s time. So far in every group I ever held, every question, no matter how detailed and personal, produced, not only a comprehensive answer for the seeker, but also one all event participants could easily relate to themselves.

In the All-day Reading Gallery, there will be even more time and more questions can be answered and discussed.

Announcements for pre-planned group galleries, seminars and retreats can be found in my monthly newsletter!. 

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Flower Essence Therapy

Based on the higher spiritual energy levels and flower essences can bring us to a point of greater clarity and receptivity of who we truly are, which then allows for changes and healing to occur on the deepest levels.

Tarot Card Readings

Open the doors to an energetic soul connection between you and Isa that extends far beyond any logical understanding of the mind.

Healing Hands

I utilize the wrist pool chakren in my hands, a conduit for higher dimensional, vibrational energies allowing past and present disturbances in the physical as well as non-physical body to heal.

Camping at our Nature Retreat

During the summer months, Plenty Star Retreat, our home place in the Southern Black Hills in South Dakota, is open to a limited number of adult camping guests, offering a couple of log camping cabins, a Lakota style Tipi, RV and tents sites.


Throughout the year, I offer various group events, like Reading Galleries, Flower Essence or Almanac Calendar Seminars as well as One-Day and Weekend Retreats, teaching for example what flower essences are and how you can create your very own or an Essential Touch Experience with individual treatments, but within the empowering circle of the group.


 Announcements for pre planned group galleries, seminars and retreats can be found in my monthly newsletter!. Sign up with your first name and email below!


We offer seminars, group events and retreats at Plenty Star Ranch and other locations that will be announced in our newsletter.


Isa hosts day-long and weekend retreats.
Event details and pre-scheduled dates will be listed in my monthly newsletter.
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A list of fair, convention, and expo appearances. Information will be listed in my newsletter. Stay informed - Sign up below!


Black Hills Flower Essences

This is my proprietary group of 80 plus individual flower essences and various kits and blends, which I created from wild flowers near my home place at Plenty Star Ranch in the Southern Black Hills. The flowers are chosen for their individual characteristics and gift of healing. Blends are created intuitively with the assistance of a pendulum.

The energy of all Black Hills Flower Essences is carried by homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water, a naturally alkaline water found in the Northern Black Hills and stabilized by a compound Dr. Willard discovered in the early 1960’s at the School of Mines in Rapid City, SD. Therefore no chemicals or preservatives are required nor added.

Living by the Moon - Ancient Almanac Wisdom

An annual moon zodiac calendar created by Isa with a wealth of information and knowledge of how to live by the cycles and rhythms of nature .

Visions in Pastel

Paintings, Portraits and Visions in Pastel by Isa
Plenty Star Retreat Logo

Interested in participating in a seminar or group event? Come camp at our home place and Nature Retreat in the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota


Ryan7 Chakra Blends
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I’ve used this once and I can feel the difference. I have thyroid issues and my throat always feels like I catching a cold. After using this 1x that feeling is gone and I feel better
IcarusZodiac Flower Essence Kit
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Great set of flower essences, fast shipping, came with a free bottle necklace with stones in it- thank you!
RyanChakra Essences
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I finally have all 7 chakra essences. They work like a charm!
JasonJune 2022
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Isa and Jack are lovely people and lovely hosts. The property is gorgeous. The Tarot reading is highly recommended.
ErinBlessing Bells
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I received your package today (4/7/23). I opened and started to cry. I love the blessing bells so much. Thank you!!!