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7 Powerful Flower Essence Blends

7 powerful Chakra Blends were created with Black Hills Flower Essences in 2017. They are available as Kit of 7 or individual blends. Tested intuitively from over 80 individual flower essences I created from wild flowers of the Black Hills, SD.

These powerful yet gently healing blends bring clarity and harmony to your chakras and therefore allow for clearer communication and energy flow between them and the physical and non-physical bodies we all have as part of our whole being, our soul, and individually unique personality. They are not Essential Oils, therefore they do not smell at all. They are created to work with our higher, non-physical bodies and the healing effects then trickle “down” into our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Flower essences powerfully harmonize and invigorate our power centers from top to bottom.

7 Powerful Flower Essence Blends

Energy Healer

A powerful blend that enhances and balances the energy flow in your physical, mental and emotional body in the person or animal as well as the healer. It is a powerful healing base blend, uplifting and balancing the healing vibrations for both the healer and patient.

Massage Therapist

A powerful blend, enhancing and balancing the healing energy flow in the physical, mental and emotional body of the therapist, working predominantly with their hands on a patient or client.

Breathe Easy

Shallow or labored breathing is first and foremost related to stress and fight or flight fear based symptoms, before major physical diseases are becoming evident. A powerful blend, relaxing and soothing, positively effects all respiratory symptoms, lowering stress and fear levels.


This blend was created with the Serenity Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi in mind : Gad, grant me the Serenity to accept the thing i cannot change – other people, the courage to change the things I can – myself, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Peaceful Alignment

This blend was created to assist mankind to peacefully move through the current changes and shifts in consciousness on our planet in this time, known as Revelation, which effect all of humanity.


This blend was created to assist to harmonize our chakras, which are our energy gateways and communication centers from the universal energy to our individual being, with our soul translating this energy into feelings.

Emergency Relief Blend

A powerful, calming and equalizing blend, was created by combining several individual flower essences from the more than 80 single BH flower essence repertoire.

Allow me to introduce and explain to you my 7 individual healing blends, created from my flower essence repertoire of over 80 single essences plus a few others from all over the world: Kundalini – Serenity – Peaceful Alignment – Breathe Easy – Massage Therapist – Energy Healer and ERB / Emergency Relief Blend