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Isa Kirk

Holistic Practitioner, Healer, Psychic & Medium

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, I finally came to live my early dreams in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States of America, the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1995. 

Next to my life-long passion for horses and art, I realized early on that I had the ability to physically see, feel and/or hear people’s thoughts and emotions. For some I was puzzled by the fact that nobody else seemed to notice that these thoughts so often did not match the spoken words. Slowly compassion overcame old anger and fear and it grew the strong desire to heal my own physical and emotional disharmonies as well as to assist others and their animals in their healing process, in a truly gentle, more holistic and inclusive way. 

In 1981 I became a member of the Spiritual Healers of England, acquiring the skills to use my hands as healing conduits and I was introduced to Edward Bach’s works and Flower Essences. I then attended the Paracelsus School for Alternative Practitioners in Munich, Germany and worked for a holistic practitioner specialized in healing pets and farm animals. I still worked in research in the pharmaceutical industry as CRA at this time as well. 

Since coming to the United States in 1995 I have become a devoted student of Ascended Master and Word Teacher St. Germain and The Council of Light. In 2016 the concept for Essential Touch was born, combining the clearing energy of flower essences with the healing energy emitted through my hands. 

I now dedicated my time fully to the art of healing people and animals with the help of nature’s precious gifts – my hands, natural lunar and zodiac rhythms,  Feng Shui knowledge, essences, light, color, water, plants, elements & elementals, dreams, visions and visualizations.

After all, Mother Earth provides us with everything we require to heal and stay happy & healthy.

During the summer months, our home and Plenty Star Nature Retreat is open for adult camping guests, staying in our home built camping log cabins, the Lakota style Tipi, or bringing their own RVs and tents.

Sorry, no smoking allowed anywhere on our property and unfortunately our restroom and shower building are not very well accessible for wheelchairs. However, our  big covered porch and our home is easily accessible with our new ramp in place.

Isa posing with Skipper the horse on a hike, 2021

Love & Light