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Almanac Wisdom

Living By The Moon

In Touch with Nature's Rhythms and Ancient Celtic Almanac Wisdom

Annual Wall and Pocket Calendar

None of this is new; it is ancient knowledge, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, having been used and spread by the Celts migration North through Europe. Our ancestors knew and lived by all of these natural, interconnected rhythms and cycles, correlating with the zodiac constellations, which the moon and sun “travel” through. Only in very recent times the knowledge about everything natural and divine gave way to the ever-faster pace of modern life, so often misunderstood and even feared as evil.

Paying attention to the different qualities of each day during the month, allows in so many ways to gain valuable insights into nature’s bountiful gifts.

The health benefits are countless; every work task done at a favorable moment flows easier, not to mention the abundant harvest obtained from vegetable and flower gardens every year. When to till the garden so weeds and pests stay away or when to hay with a better chance to bring it in dry; when best to make an appointment with the dentist and when to avoid any kind of surgical operation, when to be active and when to rest and review and so many more helpful tips can be made available with the help of this lunar zodiac calendar. Pay attention, and you will soon get a “feel” for the unique quality of each day.

After all, Mother Earth surrounds us with everything we require to prosper and heal and stay happy, healthy and young at heart.

Many books have been published on the Art of Timing. My calendars are based on Johanna Paungger’s books and my own observations over the decades of working with nature ‘s rhythms and cycles.

  • Listed in the calendar are the waxing and waning moon phases, Full and New Moons, special Moons, and the Zodiac signs the moon moves through from day to day, including Void of Course Moon times, which are the transition times from one sign to the next.
  • Also: Eclipses, Solstices, Mercury Retrograde phases, Sirius Rising and Setting, Daylight Savings Time until eliminated.
  • All American Holidays and many Pagan Holidays.
  • Lots of symbols characterize the favorable days for certain activities. All symbols are explained in the legends.
  • Times are listed in Standard Mountain Time.

The Wall Calendar features professional photos of the Black Hills and many explanations of the old and new meaning of events and holidays. The Pocket Calendar offers plenty of space for your notes.

* The calendars are most efficiently used in connection with my Black Hills Lunar Zodiac Essences,. When taken accordingly their healing energy will touch every inch of your entire body.

The moon phases

While the earth travels around the sun, the latter can be seen for about one month in each of the constellations of the zodiac. The moon moves through the same signs in its twenty-eight day orbit around the earth, staying only 2-3 days in each sign. Since nature’s rhythms are continuously flowing, the influence of each sign overlaps the next one by a few hours, and both energies can then make themselves felt (VOC) The symbols in this calendar point to the most favorable time to perform certain tasks as well as not so favorable times for actions.

Most important when determining a favorable or unfavorable time for activities is always the moment of “Touch” or first physical interaction, when your mental focus is the strongest.

One of the important, but almost forgotten influences are the enhanced impulse on the organs and body parts connected with and governed by the current sign. This means that anything supportive done to or for the body part during this time period will help more than usual, anything detrimental or toxic will have more than usual negative side effects. The only exceptions are surgeries on the very body parts governed by the current zodiac sign. They are NOT recommendable during this time period, especially not just before or on full moon and during VOC times – even Hippocrates (460–370 BC) mentioned this rule. Moon phases and zodiac signs can also amplify or lessen the effects. For example, measures taken to detoxify the body are most effective when the moon is in the wane, and more so during a sign with descending force. On the other hand, a remedy given to strengthen an organ will be amplified during waxing moon and even more so if the moon is ascending that day.

One more advice when working with this calendar:
Never underestimate your inner knowing, your “gut feeling” about an appropriate action and timing and most of all, have fun exploring your personal world!

New Moon

The moon lies directly between the sun and earth. The earth begins to breath in. The detoxifying power is at its peak, fasting today is a great way to prevent illnesses. Best day to start releasing bad habits. Diseased trees can recover well when cut back today.

Waxing Moon

It supplies and plans, absorbs, builds up and breathes in, stores energy, gathers strength, and prompts to rest and recovery. Surgeries and wound healing are less successful. Avoid vaccinations in the days before and on full moon. The closer to Full Moon, the more effective the forces.

Full Moon

The earth lies between the sun and the moon and begins to breath out. Sleep-walking, violent crimes and accidents happen more frequently, wounds bleed more profusely, midwifes and doctors are regularly called in for emergency shifts. Medicinal herbs collected on this day/night hold greater powers. Watch your diet today – everything sticks more solid.

Waning Moon

It detoxifies, washes out, sweats out and breathes out, dries, consolidates, prompts to action and activities. Most work tasks as well as surgeries are likely to be more successful. The closer to New Moon, the more effective the forces.

Ascending Moon

Position of the moon in the zodiac, between winter solstice, December 21st and summer solstice, June 21st, the forces of winter and spring, signaling gradual increase, expansion, growth and flowering. The sap is rising; the development of plants above ground is favored. The associated zodiac signs govern the outward extremities of the body.

Descending Moon

Position of the moon in the zodiac, between summer and winter solstice, the forces of summer and fall, signaling ripeness, harvest, decline and rest. The sap is drawn down enhancing root growth. The associated zodiac signs govern the internal organs of the body. Sagittarius and Gemini are turning points and are not clearly belonging to one or the other aspect.

The 12 Zodiac Signs

And the characteristics associated with the days when the moon moves through them in its 28 day cycles.


Element Fire; Color red; Plant part fruit; Body: head, brain, eyes, upper jaw and sensory organs. Day Quality: warm, energetic, impatience, stubborn, fast moving, straight ahead


Element Earth; Color Green; Plant part root; Body: larynx, speech organs, teeth, jaws, throat, tonsils, ears, and blood circulation. Day Quality: cool, materialistic, persistent, slow speech.


Element Air; Color yellow; Plant part flower; Body: shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, and glandular system. Day Quality: air, light, active, versatile, expansive, mind is easily side-tract.


Element Water; Color blue; Plant part leaf; Body: chest, lungs, stomach, liver, gall bladder, and nervous system. Day Quality: damp, depth, weight, restless, inner world seems more colorful than the outer world.


Element Fire; Color red; Plant part fruit; Body: heart, back, diaphragm, circulation, arteries and sensory organs. Day Quality: warm, determination, limitlessness, risk taking, heartfelt actions.


Element Earth; Color green; Plant part root; Body: digestive tract, nerves, spleen, pancreas and blood circulation. Day Quality: cool, logical, small, hesitant and methodical, investigate first before acting.


Element Air; Color yellow; Plant part flower; Body: hips, kidneys, bladder, and glandular system. Day Quality: air, light, artistic, indecisive, tactful, sensitive, swing until balance is reached.


Element Water; Color blue; Plant part leaf; Body: sexual organs, urethra, and nervous system. Day Quality: damp, time is of the essence; acceptance is difficult, deeper, searching, darkness.


Element Fire; Color red; Plant part fruit; Body: thighs, veins, and sensory organs. Day Quality: warm, focus on future, bigger, better, joining together, the stride lengthens.


Element Earth; Color green; Plant art root; Body: knees, bones, joints, skin, and blood circulation. Day Quality: cool, transparency, clear, serious, setting goals, aiming straight.


Element Air; Color yellow; Plant part flower; Body: lower leg, veins, and glandular system. Day Quality: air, light, intuitive, limitless, premonitions, joyful anticipation, daydreaming.


Element Water; Color blue; Plant part leaf; Body: feet, toes, and nervous system. Day Quality: damp, giving, sharing, blending, bending, blurred lines between dimensions.

Other note worthy events

Void of Course Moon

The time from the last significant aspect in a sign until the moon enters the next sign. It varies from minutes to hours. Like a mini Mercury Retrograde it is a better time to center yourself and reflect, rather than engage in new mental or physical activities. After entering the next sign fully, its physical aspects and associated qualities dominate its spiritual aspects.

Mercury Retrograde:

3 to 4 times a year, a period of several days / weeks during which it is best not to start brand new projects, close contracts or plan on job interviews. However it is perfect for finishing older projects and clear cluttered spaces.

Sirius Rising / Setting:

Energetically the most powerful day of the year with heightened outpouring of emotions. The energetic portal sending universal teachings to and from Sirius used to be restricted to the dog days in summer, July 23rd to September 23rd. Since 2021 it has stayed permanently open all year.

What is?

Super / Micro Moon

Moon is closest / furthest to Earth on its orbit.

Black Moon

2nd New Moon in the same month

Blue Moon

2nd Full Moon in the same month or 3rd or 4th Full Moon in a season

The Symbols in my Calendars

The symbols are shown on days with the most favorable time for each activity. However, there are almost always suitable alternatives, depending on the goal.

The waxing or waning moon phase is generally more influential than the ascending or descending moon, except during harvest, storing and preserving food. Then best consider the days with ascending force.

Fruit /Fire Day

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Root /Earth Day

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Flower /Air Day

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Leaf/Water Day

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Other symbols I used for

Face Packs, Masks - Skin & Nail Care - Cutting Hair - Laundry - Cleaning Windows - Painting - Building, Connecting - Watering Plants - Preserving - Harvest, Storing, Shopping - Baking - Pulling Weeds - Fertilizing Flowers - Fertilizing Veggies, Fruit - Re-potting, Transplanting - Planting Trees & Shrubs - Cutting Fire Wood - Cutting the Christmas Tree, Wreath Branches.

More Examples mentioned

Massage / Energy Healing - Foot Reflex Zone Therapy - Supplemental Treatments - Medicinal Herbs - Dentist - Cleaning - Pruning Fruit Trees and Shrubs - Searching / Drilling for Water, Water Line Repair - Cutting and Stacking Hay - Hatching Chickens - Trimming Hooves of Livestock - Virgo Days are the best work days among many other things for sowing new lawns, to plant and harvest tree cuttings and setting fence posts.