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Assumption of Risk & Release

I/we assume full responsibility for myself/ourselves, visiting family or friends, and their children for bodily injury, death, loss of property and expenses thereof.

I/we and my/our representatives, agents, family members and heirs hereby wave, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims against Kirk & Sons Inc, Plenty Star Ranch, John and/or Isa Kirk, heirs, representatives and/or employees, workers, summer help and/or other guests.

I/we recognize that horses are unpredictable animals and that there are significant risks of injury inherent and associated with horses and I/we will therefore not enter any horse enclosure or fenced pasture while animals are kept there.

I/we agree not to the feed barn and house cats, any horses or wildlife nor to collect any plants or parts without permission of Plenty Star Ranch while on Plenty Star Ranch property.

I/we have carefully read this release and waver of liability and indemnity agreement.

I/we further understand that Plenty Star Ranch reserves the right to remove any person/s causing a disturbance to others, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or smoking in or around any buildings or while on ranch property.