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Black Hills Flower Essences

Natures Gift of Gentle Healing

This is my proprietary group of 80 plus individual flower essences and various kits and blends, which I created from wild flowers near my home place at Plenty Star Ranch in the Southern Black Hills. The flowers are chosen for their individual characteristics, their place in their natural environment and pant community and their unique gift of healing. My blends as well as personal blends for clients, are created intuitively with the assistance of a pendulum and can be done in person or over the phone, since, once permission is given, this energy flow has no physical boundaries.

Note: Flower Essences are not the same as Essential Oils and do not have a fragrance or even any physical components left in its water based liquid form.

Flower essences start the healing process on the higher dimensional, non-physical level of feelings. while essential oils effect first and foremost our emotional levels, which are still very close to and connected to our physical body. Both, flower essences as well as essential oils effect our conscious and unconscious, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies in a positive and healing way, just from a different energetic starting point.

The unique healing energy of all Black Hills Flower Essences is carried by homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water, a naturally alkaline water found in the Northern Black Hills and stabilized by a compound Dr. Willard discovered in the early 1960’s at the School of Mines in Rapid City, SD. Therefore no chemicals or preservatives are required nor added.

Ask me for a personal blend just for you today.

Black Hills Flower Essences Introduction

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Part 2

Our Flower Essence Offerings

7 Powerful Essence Blends

Seven unique flower essence blends to serve specific purposes.

Chakra Essences

These powerful yet gently healing blends bring clarity and harmony to your chakras and therefore allow for clearer communication and energy flow between them and the physical and non-physical bodies we all have as part of our whole being, our soul, and individually unique personality.

Spiritual Virtue Flower Essences

They are created from certain higher vibrating dimensions of the flowers used, which resonate with the dimension of our feelings first, resulting in a trickle down effect on the other dimensions of our being, harmonizing them in the process.

Health Talisman

I created 12 special Black Hills Flower Essence blends to assist in the healing of 12 common symptom blocks.

Moon Zodiac Essences

12 unique harmonizing Black Hills Flower Essence blends created in accordance with the different body parts associated with each of the 12 Zodiac signs, and in conjunction with their influence during the 28 day moon cycles (not your sun sign at birth).

Create Your Own Flower Essences

Create Your Own Healing Flower Essences with this easy “how-to-make” Kit.

Crèmes, Tonics & Balms

Discover additional flower essence products offering comfort, beauty and wellness.