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Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy

Powerful Flower Essence Blend

Shallow or labored breathing is first and foremost related to stress and fight or flight fear based symptoms, before major physical diseases are becoming evident.

BREATHE EASY, a powerful blend, relaxing and soothing, positively effects all respiratory symptoms, lowering stress and fear levels. It was created at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 by combining several emergency flower essences from around the world, such as Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Warrata from Austarlia, ERB from Black Hills Flower Essences, Five Flower Essence from California plus specific single BH essences effecting respiratory functions.

Who is it for: BREATHE EASY flower essence blend can be used equally for people as well as animals with labored breathing issues, either acute or chronic.

Breathe Easy FE

How to use: Just like other homeopathic remedies the energy in each drop is the same. This blend is especially effective when applied to the throat chakra area several times a day or in acute panic or asthma situations multiple times within the first 10 to 15 minutes or until the breathing has relaxed.

Ingredients: flower essences are purely energy, so there are no physical parts of the plant let in the essence blend. Its carrier element is water, in my case naturally alkaline, homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water. There are no preservatives or alcohol in my essence blends. Black Hills Flower essence blends are clear and do not have a smell or taste. The testing of any essence blend is done by tapping into my higher consciousness using a pendulum.