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Chakra Essences

Chakra Essences

7 Main Chakra Blends

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7 powerful Chakra Blends created with Black Hills Flower Essences in 2017. Available as Kit of 7 or individual 1/2fl oz. blends in Boston dropper bottles. Tested intuitively from over 80 individual flower essences I created from wild flowers of the Black Hills, SD.

These powerful yet gently healing blends bring clarity and harmony to your chakras and therefore allow for clearer communication and energy flow between them and the inner and outer dimensional bodies we all have as part of our unique personality and soul. They are not Essential Oils, therefore they do not smell at all. They are created with and work on our higher, non-physical bodies and the healing effects trickle “down” into our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Mixed in 1/2 oz. Boston dropper bottles with homeopathic, alkaline Dr. Willard’s Water without preservatives or alcohol.
Energized in sun and moon light as well as with sound and color vibrations in the Harmonic Egg Chamber. they are infused with an additional base blend, the “Energy Healer”.

Chakra Blends can be used on yourself, your family and pets as well as your clients that come for your healing therapy.