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Crèmes, Tonics & Balms

Golden Crème & Tonic

golden creme and tonic Black Hills Flower Essences

The discovery of naturally alkaline Dr.Willard’s Water opened a new door for my creations with flower essences, as now I could create not only my essences without chemicals, but also a non-oily skin crème with all the healing and nurturing aspects of the Willard Water as well as Black Hills Flower Essences, a few essential oils and other ingredients.

Both the skin crème and tonic positively influence not only wrinkles and aging spots, but even more so skin irritations such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, lesions, burns and scars. The idea to create a skin product started in 2013 with my husband developing what the doctor thought could very soon become cancerous spots in his face. Well, they went away within a couple of week using the crème and never returned.

This creme is non-oily, easy to apply, takes very little, is wonderful on my face, hands, eyes and lips, I swear I never had smoother elbows. It took care of my aging spots and wrinkles besides a suspicious, slowly growing spot at my eye. It helped greatly in healing my husbands canker sores as well as his developing skin cancer. Feedback from customers says it works well on eczema, rashes and acne. And it also worked great on cancer scars and radiation burns.

Limited supply as I make it in small batches.

Jars are available in 4 sizes : 1/2 oz, 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz;
Shelf life approximately 6 months, limitless if kept in the freezer. Droplets can form on the surface as well as a slight darkening of the light golden color over time – neither has any adverse effect on the quality or effectiveness of the crème. However it is heat sensitive and droplets can form faster if exposed to higher than room temperature.
Products are suitable for any skin type.

All natural / organic Ingredients: Produced in small batches from:

Golden Tonic: Use the tonic to clean your skin before applying the crème. Usable for anyone who does not like to use any creme in their face or use to covering larger areas. No harsh ingredients, just pure alkaline water and healing flower essences. No other ingredients.

Comes in a 2 fl. oz and 4 fl. oz natural plastic bottle.
Ingredients: Dr. Willard’s Water D3 (homeopathic dilution) plus Black Hills Flower Essences (crème blend).

No Alcohol, no additional preservatives, no known side effects !

Lip Balm

This lip treatment was created as an additional healing application next to the crème for your sensitive lips. Proven to heal cold sores and it works great as a pain relief spot treatment for insect bites and small cuts or acne etc. 

All natural ingredients: castor oil, organic coconut oil, and bees wax. Tumeric is added for its anti-inflammatory properties and to add a bit of color. Essential oils are also powerful healing agents. The healing Black Hills Flower Essence blend (same as in Golden Crème) is the special ingredient to allow healing on your lips or other skin areas. 

Black Hills flower Essences Lip Balm Oil Base 12-17 1000h