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Emergency Relief Blend (ERB)

Emergency Relief Blend (ERB)

Powerful Flower Essence Blend

ERB emergency relief flower essence

ERB or EMERGENCY RELIEF, a powerful, calming and equalizing blend, was created by combining several individual flower essences from the more than 80 single BH flower essence repertoire.

Who is it for and when: ERB flower essence blend can be used equally for people as well as animals and plants in highly stressful situations, panic or shock on the emotional, mental and or physical level. It has proven time and again to assist in even the most difficult situations such as excessive fear and anger outbursts, seizures, hart attacks, stroke, panic attacks, hyper ventilation, injuries and shock.

How to use: Just like other homeopathic remedies the energy in each drop is the same, the effect is exponentially increased by taking or giving it more often. In case of an emergency as often as every 30 seconds until the persons or animals show signs of calming and relaxing (ca 10 minutes). A drop or two can be taken orally or simply applied on the skin.

Ingredients: flower essences are purely energy, so there are no physical parts of the plant let in the essence blend. Its carrier element is water, in my case naturally alkaline, homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water. There are no preservatives or alcohol in my essence blends. Black Hills Flower essence blends are clear and do not have a smell or taste. The testing is done by tapping into my higher consciousness using a pendulum.