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Energy Healer

Energy Healer

Powerful Flower Essence Blend

energy healer flower essence

ENERGY HEALER, a powerful blend, enhances and balances the energy flow in your physical, mental and emotional body in the person or animal as well as the healer. It is a powerful healing base blend, uplifting and balancing the healing vibrations for both the healer and patient. It was created by combining several individual flower essences from more than 80 single BH flower essence repertoire. Each blend is created during a special ceremony, energized and its healing vibrations are amplified in sun and moon light and in the Harmonic Renewal Chamber, exposing it to light and sound vibration resonating with the main chakras. The testing is done by tapping into my higher consciousness using a pendulum. 

Who is it for and when: ENERGY HEALER flower essence blend can be used equally for people as well as animals. ENERGY HEALER was created with the energy healing in mind such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Body Talk, Essential Touch, etc. It can also assist massage therapists, chiropractors, doctors and nurses, when working in direct contact with their hands. 

How to use: Just like other homeopathic remedies the energy in each drop is the same. The healing effect however is exponentially increased by taking or giving it more often, like 3 or 4 times before a healing session or at the beginning of the day. A drop or two can be taken orally or simply applied on the skin. The energy healer may apply it to his or her hand & wrist pool chakra before a healing session.

Ingredients: flower essences are purely energy, so there are no physical parts of the plant let in the essence blend. Its carrier element is water, in my case naturally alkaline, homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water. There are no preservatives or alcohol in my essence blends. Black Hills Flower essence blends are clear and do not have a smell or taste.