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Healing Hands

Isa performing healing hands treatment on Kim

What is Healing Hands Treatment?

To begin, a special flower essence blend is created specifically for you from my Essential Touch Blends to allow us to bring forth greater clarity, flowing in through the chakras, from the spiritual vibrational levels to the emotional levels. It will allow greater receptivity for healing to occur on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels; and to remind us of who we truly are. 

By laying my hands on yours as well as other energy areas around your body I am seeking to be the conduit for higher dimensional, vibrational energies, focused though the 11th chakra (the Hand & Wrist Pool) to enter the body allowing past and present disturbances and imbalances to heal. 

As a healer I was gifted to feel with my hands and see energy blockages with my inner eye and will reveal any messages or information intuitively received during your treatment. The essence blend is yours to keep and to continue to use accordingly. 

The Loving God Source will always, in unconditional love for its creation, and with respect for its gift of free will, offer as much healing as the human or animal is willing to allow at that moment.

Each Healing Hands treatment will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Schedule a treatment today.