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Health Talisman

Health Talisman

Flower Essences operate on the emotional-spiritual vibrational levels, bringing clarity to and a deeper understanding of our sub-conscious beliefs, which greatly influence our emotions, which in return are often responsible for symptoms and diseases in our physical body and mind.

Water serves a the carrier element for our emotions as well as flower essences.

The 12 special Black Hills Flower Essence blends were created to assist in the healing of 12 common symptom blocks. Each Health Talisman essence blend comes in a 4 cc dropper bottle with the essence blend suspended in homeopathic alkaline water. The accompanying card shows the painting of a Black Hills Wild Flower, one of the essences included in the blend, the corresponding symptom complex as well as the energy required to balance the underlying disharmonies.

How to use your Health Talisman most efficiently:

  1. On a regular base such as once a week, place ONE small drop from the dropper bottle in the circle on the back side of the card* and ONE drop on your wrist.
  2. Keep the bottle in a pocket close to your body or your night stand next to your bed and the card in your portfolio, where you can see/notice it often and consciously or unconsciously remember to focus in love on your healing and well being.

Available Health Talisman: