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Lakota Style Tipi

Enjoy the amazing view from this unique camp site

Our 16ft in diameter tipi sits prominently on the old barn site, a little above the rest of the ranch with a spectacular view over the ranch and the valley. There is plenty of room for parking alongside it. 

Outside, next to the tipi, is a campfire fire pit, chairs, and a picnic table. 

On the inside, the tipi features outdoor carpeting and is furnished with 3 cots with mattress pads. Please, bring your own sleeping bags, pillow, and blanket next to your personal effects. In case of an emergency, I have spare kits (1 sleeping bag, 1 pillow, and 1 blanket), which you may rent from us for an additional fee. 

The tipi liner, a second inner canvas wall, is long enough to drape in front of the opening at night. In addition it has a roll-up/down canvas door to close the tipi (sort of) from the outside. To keep that door open, just roll the canvas up and hang it with the strings on the wooden pegs above the opening. No knots, no tying or untying strings etc. 

Please consider that the tipi opening at the very top is not completely close able and may let a few water drops in during a severe down pour in spite of all our efforts to make it rain proof, which works just fine for most rain falls. Therefore the driest place is close to the wall. 

Site Details

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Other Details

If you are arriving later than 8 pm, please find your own way to the tipi at the end of the driveway. 

Note: Our tipi does not offer electricity, heating, cooling nor its own bathroom. No fire inside the tipi allowed and please do not attempt to move the flap poles. 

No bicycles allowed inside the tipi. You may park your bicycles outside without leaning them against the tipi canvas or under the big barn roof. However, we would suggest to not lean your bicycles or motor bikes against the horse stall panels. 

Pets have to stay on a leash at all times and are not allowed in any building