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Golden Creme: The naturally alkaline Dr.Willard's Water* opened a new door as now I could create a non-oily skin crème without preservatives and with ...

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Golden Creme: The naturally alkaline Dr.Willard's Water* opened a new door as now I could create a non-oily skin crème without preservatives and with all the healing and nurturing aspects of the Willard Water as well as Black Hills Flower Essences*

(Note: Flower Essences are not essential oils and do not have a fragrance. Flower Essences start the healing process on the emotional level while essential oils start on the sensory level. Both effect all physical and non-physical bodies in a positive and healing way)

Effective, not only on wrinkles and aging spots, but even more so when applied to positively influence skin irritations such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, lesions, burns and scars. And it all started with my husband developing what the doctor thought could become cancerous spots in his face. Well, they went away and never returned. This creme is non-oily, easy to apply, takes very little, is wonderful on my face, hands, eyes and lips, I swear I never had smoother elbows. It took care of my aging spots and wrinkles besides a suspicious, slowly growing spot at my eye.

It helped greatly in healing husbands canker sores as well as his developing skin cancer. Feedback from customers says it works well on eczema, rashes and acne. And it also worked great on cancer scars and radiation burns.

NOW available also in more practical white 1 oz. flip top tubes. Limited supply as I make it in small batches.

Jars are available in 4 sizes : 1/2 oz, 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz; flip top tubes in 1 oz. - see under variations

Shelf life approximately 6 months. Droplets can form on the surface as well as a darkening of the golden color over time - neither has any adverse effect on the quality or effectiveness of the crème. The crème is heat sensitive though and droplets can form faster if exposed to higher temperatures than room temperature.

Products are suitable for any skin type.

All natural / organic Ingredients: Produced in small batches from:

The Crème: Dr. Willard's Water D3 (homeopathic dilution), highly purified Lanolin Base Creme (DAB = German Pharmaceutical Law), Black Hills Flower Essences (blend), Vitamin C & E, Turmeric and a hint of organic essential oils.

No Alcohol, no additional preservatives, no known side effects !

*Lanolin Alcohol Base Crème (DAB): created from the fat in sheep's wool, it has been known for centuries that it repairs and hydrates the skin. With modern cleansing methods and manufactured according to the very strict German Pharmaceutical Laws, this base is not causing any allergies and is used in many medical cremes in Europe and the safest non-oily base available on the market.

* Dr. Willard's Water is produced from a carbon catalyst activated, naturally alkaline mineral water found in the Black Hills, SD. It is long well known for its balancing and regenerative properties, especially with regards to burns and scar tissue. It allows skin and hair to bounce back quickly. Recent studies have shown, that nutrients such as Vitamin C & E are absorbed by the skin in a much higher percentage than normally and are therefore especially effective. See more next page.

* Black Hills Flower Essences are gently soothing, non-physical, homeopathic-like essences., described, collected and created by Isa Kirk from wild flowers of the Black Hills, according to the methods of Dr. Edward Bach. Flower Essences work on the emotional, mental and physical level, therefore can influence the whole body in a positive way.

*Turmeric does not only give the crème a beautiful golden color, but had been long known for its healing properties both externally and internally. It is used against inflammation, swelling and infection, strengthens the liver, gall bladder, kidney and bladder and works amazing on arthritic joints and gout.

*Vitamin C & E - as valuable antioxidants, these vitamins penetrate the skin and help with its hydration and mending lesions and other skin issues.

*Essential Oils: a couple of pure essential oils are added for their balancing healing value as well as for adding a fresh scent to the crème.

Golden Tonic: Use to clean your skin before applying the creme. Use for anyone who does not like to use any creme in their face or use for covering larger areas. No harsh ingredients, just pure alkaline water and healing flower essences.

Comes in 2 oz Flip Top natural plastic bottle and 4 oz bottle.

Ingredients: Dr. Willard's Water D3 (homeopathic dilution) plus Black Hills Flower Essences (blend).

No Alcohol, no additional preservatives, no known side effects !

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.