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Day-long and Weekend Retreats

An Introduction to Essential Touch, with individual treatments for each participant, while the rest of the group provides the energetic encouragement for the ongoing treatment. There will be time for reflection and discussions between treatments and teachings I received from my gatekeeper, the Ascended Master and world teacher St. Germain.

Creating our Own Flower Essences, a summer retreat held in small groups. The experience starts with a brief introduction about flower essences, followed by going into nature surrounding our home place or any other venue this retreat is held at. We will each create our very own essence from and wild flower we are particularly drawn to that day. We will sit with and listen to our flower and learn about its characteristics and how the essence can heal us. A second day may be added to add the next practical part of safely bottling and preserving our essences.

Finding the Courage to Heal - Group Event

January 2010

Part 1, February 2020

Part 2, February 2020

Art Classes: Coming soon!