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Reading Galleries

A 2 – 3 hour to All-Day group event, where we start with a teaching of current information given to further our growth through this time of our time called Revelation. Then every participant gets their individual questions answered by pulling one or more Tarot cards, which I will intuitively interpret. Spirit works in mysterious ways and never wastes any ones time. So far in every group I ever held, every question, no matter how detailed and personal, produced, not only a comprehensive answer for the seeker, but also one all event participants could easily relate to themselves.

In the All-day Reading Gallery, there will be even more time and more questions can be answered and discussed.

Announcements for pre-planned group galleries, seminars, retreats, and appearances at holistic fairs can be found in my monthly newsletter!  Sign up with your first name and email below!

Flower Essence Seminars

A 2 – 3 hour seminar about Flower Essences, known as Nature’s Gift of Gentle Healing and specifically Black Hills Flower Essences. We will talk about what they are and what they are not. How they influence us and allow healing along the way. How to use them and also how to apply to others, like friends and family members as well as plants and pets.

Almanac Calendar Seminars

A 2 – 3 hour long introduction to my annual “Living by the Moon” almanac wisdom calendars. How the calendars came about; how to read and work with them. We will go through several example dates and learn what each symbol implies or suggests as favorable or unfavorable task that day. The calendar isn’t just a handy tool for gardeners, with dates for planting, fertilizing, weeding and harvesting, but we can also get an idea about the influence of the day qualities and cycles on our bodies and how to utilize the moon zodiac to enhance our health.

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February 2021

September 2021

Weekly Almanac at a Glance

December 13-19, 2021