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Powerful Flower Essence Blend

SERENITY: This blend was created with the Serenity Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi in mind : Gad, grant me the Serenity to accept the thing i cannot change – other people, the courage to change the things I can – myself, and the Wisdom to know the difference. The notion of attempting to change another person is frequently based on the lack of understanding that no one can change another. Only our own example can create an opening in another persons heart to work on changing themselves. This blend gives us peace of mind whenever we loose faith in our own creative powers, when we are tempted one more time to “make others change” instead of creating positive changes in our own life.

Who is it for: SERENITY flower essence blend is meant to be used for people, who feel pressured by others or recognized that they themselves often turn to putting pressure on others, including bulling children.

How to use: Just like other homeopathic remedies the energy in each drop is the same. Apply several times a day in the area of the heart.

Serenity FE

Ingredients: flower essences are purely energy, so there are no physical parts of the plant let in the essence blend. Its carrier element is water, in my case naturally alkaline, homeopathic diluted Dr. Willard’s Water. There are no preservatives or alcohol in my essence blends. Black Hills Flower essence blends are clear and do not have a smell or taste. The testing of any essence blend is done by tapping into my higher consciousness using a pendulum.