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Spiritual Virtue Flower Essences

Spiritual Virtue

Mini Bottle Pendants

12 powerful SPIRITUAL VIRTUE OR DNA strand Blends created with Black Hills Flower Essences. Tested intuitively from almost 80 individual flower essences I created from wild flowers of the Black Hills, SD.

These powerful blends bring alignment and harmony to your 2 DNA strands which have always been awake and 10 dormant, but currently awakening DNA strands and their higher vibrational characteristics. They represent what Ascended Master Teacher, Lord St. Germain called SPIRITUAL VIRTUES and they allow for a smoother awakening process, clearer alignment and energy flow between them and within our body cells, including opening more synapsis between our brain halves, moving the enlightening process during this time of Revelation forward.

They are created from the higher vibrating “feeling” dimension of plants, which primarily resonate with the feeling dimension of our bodies first, resulting in a trickle down .

12 spiritual virtues FE

Mixed in 1/2 oz. Boston dropper bottles with homeopathic, alkaline Dr. Willard’s Water without preservatives or alcohol.
Energized in sun and moon light as well as with sound and color vibrations in the Harmonic Egg Chamber.

Intended for humans of any age. Can be purchased as a kit or individually. Comes with explanations for each virtue blend / kit.