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Visions in Pastel

Jack standing by a framed painting of Black Hills Bison Bull during winter

Painting was always a passion of mine and since early childhood people would recognize the person or animal I was attempting to portrait in my sketches.. Over the years I improved my skills and eventually settled on using soft pastels sticks for the larger paintings and soft pastel pencils for the smaller ones. Up until a few years ago I focused on painting portraits of people and animals as well as landscapes from photos, often combining more than one photo.

Now I am more inclined to work on my Black Hills wild flower portraits, painting the ones I created Black Hills flower essences from first. With over 80 essences I have quite a ways to go yet, but the first ones turned out to my liking. They paintings are available to purchase as well as art prints and as greeting cards.

The other subject that intrigues me these days, living in the midst of Revelation and Armageddon, are my Visions of Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses of Old, Angels and other mythological and currently non-physical beings. I started with St. Germain, the world teacher of the Aquarian Age and my personal gate keeper in this life time and a vision of Merlin, not so much King Arthur’s teacher but a memory of one of my own life times.

While photos capture the Blink of a Moment in the ever changing continuum of time on Mother Earth, a hand painted Portrait lovingly embraces the Whole Being, the Individual’s Eternal Soul, may this be human, animal or plant, visible or invisible to the physical eye!

Many of my paintings are available as Limited Edition Giclee prints as well as Art Greeting Cards.